how to use Zikswap

Learn how to use zikswap: Creating an account, buying, selling and many more.


How to create a vendor account:

Make sure you are using google chrome, if you are using any other browser like opera mini, turn off data saving mode, Thanks


In order to create a vendor account, follow the steps below:

  • STEP 1: Visit
  • STEP 2: Click on the menu just like the one on the image below



  • STEP 3: click on vendor and you will see the register, login and dashboard, select register.

To register easier, click here


How to login to your vendor account

In order to log in to your vendor account, follow the third step above, click on vendor login and login with your details.


How to access the vendor dashboard

In order to access your vendor dashboard, follow STEP 3 in the first guide, click on the vendor dashboard and you will see your dashboard. Note that this only works when you are logged in.

When you have clicked on vendor dashboard, your dashboard should look like the one in the picture below:



How to setup a vendors store

In order to setup your store, click on settings in the menu, just like the one in the picture below:



Fill in your store name ( do not write anything on slug. Fill in other necessary information and click on save.


How to upload items for sale.

in order to upload items, click on the products in the menu. Then click on the box just like in the one on the picture below:



You will now see the options to fill: product name, category, price and remember to add a product image by clicking the image icon  just like the one in the picture below:



Do not tick catalog, downloadable,  virtual and After filling all information required, click on submit. Wait for the admin to approve your products. We review products to know whether they are good and we approve them once they passed our test.

If there is anything wrong with the product you submitted, you will be notified by email.


Any other problem that was not answered in the steps above?

Contact us on: click here


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